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At New Path, we make entry level label applicator machines for applying labels to flat and oval products.

We label things like: boxes, bags, lids, square and oval bottles.

All our machines use our revolutionary channel slide technology. This patented technology allows us to build label applicators that do not require noisy air compressors. New Path applicators are engineered for simple, reliable and affordable operation.

About New Path label applicators


A Short Video About Our Label Applicators

New Path is a manufacturer of innovative label applicators for small and medium size businesses, startups and industrial clients. Our labeling machines provide affordable solutions for many different labeling challenges. Examples include flat bag label applicators, zipper lock bag labelers, coffee bag label applicators, CBD product labeling solutions, CD case labeling machines, square and oval bottle label applicators, clamshell container labeling machines, box labeling machines, sticker labeling machines, pressure sensitive label applicators, product labeling machines, semi automatic label applicator machines, manual label applicator machines, wipe-on labeling machines, tamp label applicators, table top label applicator, channel slide label applicator.

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