Model AT 20: A tabletop label applicator for flat or oval containers.

A semi automatic tamp type label applicator. This tabletop unit applies labels to flat and oval containers.

Key Features

  • Electric motor advances labels. Motor is footswitch activated and light sensor controlled . Labels are applied by depressing the tamp applicator.
  • Three adjustable guides are provided for accurate positioning of containers that are being labeled.
  • Can label articles with a thickness of up to 5 3/4 inches.
  • Optional finger applicator pad aids in adhering labels to curved surfaces and articles with recessed surfaces such as plastic lids.
  • Liner paper is rewound for easy disposal
  • Optional digital counter available.


  • Label supply roll – max 10” diameter, 3” core ID
  • Label length: 3″ min, 9″ max
  • Label width: 2 1/2″ min, 6″ max
  • Die cut labels with a minimum 1/8” gap between labels
  • Durable steel and aluminum construction. Powder coated finish.
  • Electric: 120 volt AC (240V optional)
  • Approx. Weight: 62 pounds

Abilities and Limitations

  • Can apply square, rectangular, oval and round labels.
  • Contact us if your labels have unusual cutout shapes or are made from very thin (under 3.5 mil) plastic film (BOPP). We recommend sending us samples for testing if in doubt about a label.
  • Labels are pressed onto articles with the tamp plate however the plate does not reach the label edges. You may need to press the labels by hand (either individually or in a stack) to completely adhere the edges.
New Path model AT20 tamp applicator

Starting at $2,970

Model AT 20 Video Gallery

video of AT 20 Label applicator

About the AT 20 Labeler

video of AT 20 labeling plastic lids

Labeling plastic lids with finger applicator

video of AT 20 labeling clamshell containers

Labeling Clamshell Containers

video of AT 20 labeling oval bottles

Labeling Oval Bottles

video of AT 20 labeling plastic clothing bags

Labeling Clothing Bags

video of AT 20 labeling CD cases

Labeling CD Cases

video of AT20 labeling envelopes

Labeling Envelopes



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